Bagels and Beer – great nosh at Caplansky’s

I’ve haven’t been home to Montreal for a while and miss good deli food.  When I do go home, there are always many requests from friends, bosses and neighbours to bring back a brisket or two and “real” Montreal bagels.

My brother told me about this place he’d been to on College St, called Caplansky’s a couple of months ago that reminded him of Ben’s, Schwartz’s and Dunn’s, Montreal delis we’d go to for great smoked meat and his favourite breakfast of, two eggs, tongue, rye bread.    Today was Caplansky’s third anniversary and, of course, this was a great reason to go down and have a toast to making College St feel a little more like home to this ex-Montrealer.

 I crave the Bagel, Lox and Cream Cheese Platter and today, I ordered a beer in honour of their third anniversary.

The great thing about going to a deli for brunch is that it lasts you two meals (me anyways).  Full and satisfied without bursting is – my favourite feeling.  Here’s a couple more of my new favourites:

You could share this Leaning Tower of Caplansky with a friend, it’s enough to do that, but why?  Keep this all to yourself, challah french toast with Mandel’s cream – the best.

Someone say brisket?  It’s a lot of good food and we never seem to have trouble finishing everything.

The staff is great and there’s a choice of  four beers on tap.  Save room for rugelach… I dug in (I love these)  then remembered I needed to take a picture!

Find a reason to get there, if not find the Thunderin’ Thelma truck on Twitter @caplanskytruck. You won’t go hungry.

Kosher pâté, that’s what chopped liver really is… and good for you.  Happy eating.

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