Feeding my senses at the Elmwood Spa

photo-67I go to the Elmwood Spa once every season.  I’m working my way through the list of massages and other treatments, but what I look forward to most on each and every visit is the seasonal menu at the Terrace Restaurant located in the spa.

My daughter and I had appointments for early massages on a beautiful and bright warm sunny day a few weeks ago.  It couldn’t have been a better day to unwind with some water treatments (read: pool, jaccuzzi, and steam room) and have some spa cuisine.

After a rejuvenating aroma therapy massage and a good steam we headed down to the dining room. Unlike all the other guests, I get dressed.  I know it’s customary to wear your robe to dine, but that’s just not me, besides it was a little hot to sit on the terrace with the big terry robe as some guests realized.

There’s something about upscale health food that gets me excited.  It’s fresh, it’s creative and it’s low-cal. In contrast to many prix-fixe lunch menus, the Terrace has more than three choices for each course.

We started with the Cucumber Mango Salad dressed with Elmline Energizing Green Tea vinaigrette and the Trio of Salsa and Nachos.   Other selections include scallop ceviche or grilled sweet peppers with goat cheese in a Balsamic reduction.

The Terrace offers a reasonable selection of wines to savour slowly and an assortment of juices to rehydrate your recently detoxified soul.

I enjoy restaurants of any kind when it’s quiet, not busy and the service is attentive and arriving early is a strategy I always use.  I find it more relaxing this way.  The  restaurant opens at 11:30 a.m. and even on this Sunday at the spa, it’s quiet until about 12:30 p.m. when groups of women out for a girls day start to arrive when their freshly painted toes.

As my daughter and I wait for our mains, we feel composed and rested.  There are women dining alone enjoying some quiet reading in the shady spots on the Terrace, the calm is enjoyable.

There is a choice of four mains to which you can protein or additional sides.  Our orders arrive, the Harissa Chicken with bean, corn and tomato succotash and yogurt; and the Steak and Frites cooked to medium with handcut fries.

Multigrain bread and olive oil is offered with the mains and tall glasses of ice water arrive at the table.  There’s no rushing the guests and we sit for a few minutes after finishing our meal and await what could only be healthy, good for you desserts (!).

In an effort to remain detoxified I order the fresh fruit.  Somehow fruit cups, like sandwiches always taste better when someone else prepares – so was my bowl of berries.  My daughter chose the very indulgent sounding and far more delicious Duo Chocolate Mousse.  A modest serving of white chocolate and chocolate chai mousse with chocolate fudge infused with a hint of Siracha!  A tasty and cool finish to the meal.

I always hate to leave the spa, it’s just so peaceful and zen, but this Sunday after the massage and the meal, I really needed to go home and take a nap.  The spa is a wonderful place, you should try it on the weekend.

Well off to find my next epicurean adventure.  Hoping your weekend is filled with flavourful bits of fun. Happy eating everyone!

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